Symmetry oversized merino sweater-vest

Do you know the feeling when you look at a pattern, maybe a wallpaper or a sweater, for a long time and it starts moving and the shapes draw you in and you start seeing things and creatures and time and space seem to simultaneously contract and expand and... No? Oh, well... actually we don't either. And we definitely have never experienced anything like that. No, what are you even talking about, this is just a nice oversized sweater we've got here, that's all. Very soft!



MODEL: 195 / SIZE: L

Sustainable enough? Read and decide for yourself!

We use merino wool, which is 100% recyclable. Merino wool has many advantages over other textiles: it keeps heat well, conducts moisture and is antistatic.

As wool is natural and renewable resource, all of our clothing is completely biodegradable.

This knit is knitted in our family-run knitwear factory. All products are finished carefully by hand.

Care instructions

Try to wash merino wool products as rarely as possible. You can hand wash it or dry clean. Wash with delicate detergent. Dry flat. Reshape during wet.

Delivery and returns
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