We present you the lover of the sun collection- HELIOPHILE. Spring brings always a fresh start to the year. A breath of fresh air. Blooming fields. Life happens again. Life goes on.



Comfort and durability is the key with the spring collection. Light blue (Lily sweater and Nora pants) and beige sets (Kea sweater and Nora pants) are made for everyday wear. Moreover, they are perfect for travelling because merino wool lets your skin breathe and meanwhile is also soft against it. Take them also for a hike and you'll never want to wear anything else than merino wool and Woolish. We have some proof for that!



We have a newcomer in the collection. Sato overshirt witch is the ultimate coverup for the spring-summer time. It had the oversized fit that makes it cool to wear over whatever. Combine it with the sets or without. Makes your look complete.



The inspiration is taken from the seaside early in the spring. When the air is still crispy but the Sun is warming you up. Imagine taking a breath of fresh air and listening to the sound of waves. How comforting.. That's exactly how these new items in our collection feel like.