Mellow Throwback

After WWII, women went back to their homes, and the colours in their lives changed. Historically, there is often a return towards softer and easier tones after difficult times. A desire to be completely comfortable emerges from the rubble.

The “Mellow Throwback” collection symbolises the urge to free oneself from harshness. Simple motives such as pineapples and flamingos inspire daydreams about sunny beaches. All the blues make you think of a clear sky with no clouds on the horizon. Different blue tones combined with pale yellows make you weak at the knees - their synergy is just undeniable. Adding some bright green to the batch, you will be reminded of the comforting touch of nature. The feeling of having your feet on the ground safe and sound. The most important element in everything you do is to cultivate positivity. To believe, to have hope, to dream! Dream with us and bring fun and colors with you EVERY DAY!

Inspiration doesn’t always alert you of its imminent arrival. In fact, when we stepped into Flo Kasearu’s exhibition, we were definitely not prepared to get smacked in the face with it. Mesmerized by the withered plants, pink and blue clouds on the walls, and the overall vibes in the room. Being around something so fragile makes it impossible to look away. When the world feels really dark and withered, we still dream of colours and so should everyone. We want to load you with positive energy and warmth. You are what you surround yourself with. Make a change by switching out some blacks, greys, and whites in your wardrobe for something colourful and wear them consistently. For a day, for a week, for a month, and see how it affects you. Will it help you see more colours around you? Trust us, it will.

Once one stage of life has withered, new seeds should be sown and fruit grown towards the sun. Inject positivity into this already harsh world through soft sweaters.