Once upon a time, there was a happy sheep, Bruno. The sheep knew how to live in harmony with the nature. It needs fresh air, clean water and green grass. Simple as that.

Oh, and you can't forget that sheep are flock animals and very sociable. So having a good company is a must for this happy sheep! So, the happy sheep lived a long and happy life in this little happy farm, with other happy sheep. The end.. but not quite yet!




How you can actually tell that a sheep is happy, you may ask? Sheep are typically shorn at least once a year, usually in spring. Happy, healthy sheep produce more wool. If the sheep are happy, the wool will have better quality and in the end people will be happier in their high quality garments. The happier the sheep, the happier the people. In that note, it's also appropriate to note that Woolish only uses merino wool, which is mulesing free and the sheep are not mistreated to improve the quality of the wool.




For this series, we visited Aliis' happy sheep. Aliis' family and their Gotland sheep live in a picturesque place by the sea in Noarootsi. We had the warmest welcome, you can't even imagine! We happened to visit them on a rainy day, but Aliis and his brother Martin made us feel like the sun was shining. Aliis introduced us to the sheep, and Bruno, who was the biggest one of them all, had the biggest appetite and was the most sociable, was particularly memorable. We learned that any kind of crunch sound will magically bring the sheep around you. Why? Because they know that the sound brings some goodies! Until it started raining and they didn't care about the "sweets" anymore.. Like people, sheep don't like to stand in the rain either. Long story short, we want to once again express our gratitude to Aliis and her family, who kindly allowed us into their lands and who opened their doors to us for the day!
Check out their Instagram: aliisilambad




When spending the day around Bruno and his friends, we noticed that the life of sheep sounds quite easy-going if you ask us. A fun fact about these magnificent animals- sheep can recognize individual human and other sheep faces and remember them for years. They can remember 50 other different sheep faces for over two years. Moreover, they can recognize and are attracted to individual sheep and humans by their faces. Who doesn't want to be liked by a sheep?!




Maybe it's time to stop for a sec and take notes from the life of the sheep. What do you think? Is it possible that you can wear only natural materials, eat and drink cleaner, enjoy some fresh air more often or only hang out with the people you actually like? It's so easy for the sheep. Let's take notes and give power to the sheep! We gain so much inspiration from Aliis' family and their sheep! Thank you!