Our mission is to minimize the burden of our supply chain and production on the environment. The product life-cycle starts with raw materials and ends with recycling when it has fulfilled its purpose. 100% natural wool needs water, air, sun and fresh grass to grow.





Recycling of the wool is easy, it can be reused in variety of sectors and is also biodegradable in case there’s any leftover. For producing yarn we’ve picked out manufacturers who comply with high EU standards avoiding polluting chemicals and waste of resources in their factories. All above is being managed by people, regardless of the stage of production. And we care about people just as much as about sheep. We choose our partners wisely and so should you!



It’s a priority for us and all our partners to make sure that people around us have both, safe and convenient workplace, which in turn benefits the whole society. Motivation, good will and transparency support human development and by supporting each other we shape the future for coming generations.