Woolish head office is located in Tallinn and production is in Viljandi. Behind our beloved brand is a small team that delivers wool on a daily basis. Scroll down and meet our wool heads!





CEO of Woolish and one of the creators of the brand.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I have been interested in all kinds of art and creativity. I graduated with a degree in international relations and also worked in catering for a long time, but I realised that this was not for me. Fortunately, thanks to Eigo's family, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of design, fashion and branding. I am happy that Woolish has become a successful brand with a sustainable footprint, with a design language that stands out from all the others. For me, Woolish is a form of expression, reflecting my understanding, principles and feelings. And we make products for people who have the same lifestyle and attitude as me. A person who wants to make the world better and live in harmony. Enjoys every moment in life, appreciates comfort, has a special place for fun and joy."

If Anna were one of our sweaters, she would be our purple-neon pineapple sweater, which is just as colourful and versatile as Anna herself.





Woolish designer.

"It is difficult to summarise myself with written words, as my daily form of expression is mostly very visual. I am primarily motivated by creation. So, in conclusion, you could say that I am a creator: with one foot in the clouds, the other firmly on the ground. While studying fashion design at EKA, I became more and more attracted to knitting. K-N-I-T-S... Ohhhhh, maybe you already understand?! Knitwear intrigues me because of its versatility. Gives the wearer the freedom to think and breathe, to enjoy life in the moment. My journey alongside Estonia's most woolen brand started in February 2022. It has been a very colourful and refreshing time: creating reality that is created by someone else after creating my own collections. To make ethical and distinctive clothes for you, REAL people, to wear in everyday moments. In addition to product development, I also work with various prints at Woolish and giving my best to make our website more user-friendly."

If Karin were one of our knits, she would be best characterised by our blue flamingo vest. It is calm, but multifaceted and a bit sassy.





Woolish visuals and language designer.

"Any kind of beauty catches my eye and I like to create beauty. Together with Woolish, I have been creating beauty for 3 years. Of course, beauty is also very relative. Behind it can also be humor, everyday life, some difficult moments, but everything adds up the beauty of one's life (aka a beautiful life). Fashion and beauty go hand in hand, and after my studies in clothing, I first ended up in Baltika to make 3D clothing models and then to create content for Woolish. Woolish is a brand that has been (and is) exciting, fun and definitely COLORFUL. We have discovered and developed a lot together. And hopefully you, who follow us, will also enjoy watching it all!"

If Marie were one of our sweaters, she would be most accurately characterised by our white classic NARITA sweater, which she is also wearing in the picture. It is a timeless and extremely comfortable model, in which you can do everyday things with Woolish-like ease. And we can't forget that Marie has a special place in her heart for white knitwear!




Our heavy artillery at our Viljandi production.

From the left - Leili, Kerli and Külli. Every day our knits go through their skillful, loving and soft hands. Hard-working Leili is our sewing and linking machinery's spiritual guide. Furthermore, all buttons and labels get to their right places at our Viljandi production thanks to her. Kerli is physical and mental support to our knitting machines and ensures their impeccable performance. Always cheerful Külli is responsible for ensuring that the entire production runs like clockwork. She checks that every order goes to work and gets packed. 



Külli is the third generation #woolishperson and a great role model to all of us. Our team also includes Tairi, who is currently at home with her little one, but whose task has been to develop our different patterns, which is a good test with such old machines! Our Viljandi women are best characterised by our blankets. Everyone has their own unique sides but they all have the homely feeling to them, always welcoming.