"You smell like juicy shades of citron on a warm day after a quick tennis match in the country side." Lemon Sour Summer limited-edition collection is a timeless tribute to the brand’s love for summer.



The right scent or taste can bring back a memory from a trip to your favourite place, remind you of a fun tennis match, or just make you smile. Never underestimate the simple pleasures that can take you back to those memories.



Let's not forget the fact that on the year of 1919, Suzanne Lenglen performed her Wibeldon debut while shocking the public with her tennis outfit. She revolutionized how women play tennis then and now. She ditched corsets, bustles, and petticoats in favor of sleeveless, and (relatively) short, designer dresses that allowed her to move around easily.



Lets fast forward the time and jump into January 2022 when Woolish team is looking for some ideas and squeezing their brains out on "What would one Woolish person wear in the summer?! Maybe something revolutionary like Suzanne?!"



The first ever Woolish summer collection is made out of 100% merino wool leftover yarns, giving you a mixture of lemon lace pattern, pleats, sporty stripes, vibrant colour blocks with a touch of soothing white. These knits are made for you to wear them from day to night, from the tennis court to a dinner at the beach club. They let your skin breathe when it's hot and keep you warm when the night chills kick in.



The collection is quite ambiguous. One side shows the luxurious lifestyle when travelling and enjoying your being. The second side has a hint of sportiness to it. Showing the fun side of wool and breaking the stereotype of wool being not suitable for warm weather or doing some sports.



Anyone dreaming of warm weather has had their thoughts drift towards some airy and comfortable clothes. We have brought your dreams alive and made these knits wearable on everyday occasions. May they be casual or sporty. You have the opportunity to play around with the styles. Have fun and feel good in wool.