Skiing as a fashion game


Woolen clothing has always been associated with skiing since the beginning. Early ski clothing could simply be summed up in "wool, wool and more wool" - jackets, trousers, sweaters, hats, gloves - all made of wool. Woolmania!

Skiing became very popular in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s, when a large number of Austrian skiers left Europe due to the German invasion. A number of people eventually moved to Vermont located in the United States. Have a moment to think about the Von Trapp family from the movie The Sound of Music. They ended up in Vermont in 1942, where they founded the Stowe Music House. Many US ski resorts were founded in the same way.

After the war, skiing became even more popular, and colour became important in clothing. In 1949, no one was in the mountains in heavy colors. Moreover, everyone wanted to stand out. There was a fashion game dictated by skiing craze. Synthetic materials were also used to push woolen products into the interlayer, which helped to keep them warm and still do.

Find both inter- and overlayers in Woolish's selection so that you don't accidentally miss the winter fun. A newcomer has also arrived to our line, the charcoal gray Masami sweater, which is a total eye candy. Take the ski slope as a fashion show and test how good of a companion merino wool sweater is in your extremes. In addition, you can also take our Flamingo vest for a fly, which sometimes works like a reflective vest. If you wear Woolish, you can be sure that you will beat everyone with your skiing and fashion style.