Woolish x NOËP backstage team


Woolish is now the official head warmer for the NOËP backstage team. A while ago we came together with the crew and made them custom IKI merino hats. Recognize the team members by the distinctive Ë dots sewn on the hat as a logo.



Here are 4 different ways to wear one IKI merino hat. If there doesn't seem to be a difference, scroll forward and we'll tell you what separates them. Add some new IKI wearing ways to your repertoire. Maybe it will also bring you a new and interesting snippet of thought.

Tell us your tip on how to wear the IKI hat! Here are our 4 suggestions:


Sigfried, sound guy, "Cool Volume"

If you are looking for a cool and popular look, turn the edge of the hat up 3 times. In this case, the hat sits nicely near the head. The ears are out, but put your headphones in or on the ears and it will immediately add volume to your being. Take the hat as an accessory.



Allar, sound guy, "Impossible To Go Wrong"


There's always one song that is the most popular in the artist's repertoire. NOËP has "Fk this up", we have the same classic fit that you can't go wrong with. Do what you want, it's easy as that.



Thea, manager, "The Expert of Managing"

Once but widely turned edge doesn't leave you with any extra thoughts. Things get done by themselves, because the hat is firmly on your head and keeps you going. Even if you lack some competence in a topic, fake it till you make it and make a face that you know what you're talking about.



Timo, lighting guy, "Deep In The Hat"

Pull the hat on with a bit of force so that no wind or snowflake can enter from anywhere. If the lights tend to shine too bright in some situations, you can also pull it over your eyes. Or for example, when touring with a band, it can easily be used as an eye cover to a have a nap.