Doggy merino baby blanket grey

Who’s There? is a baby blanket series meant to provide comfort for your little one. Just like children, wool needs sun, fresh air, water and food for growing – snuggle up in a blanky amount of pure nature.


Why merino wool? It’s the ultimate Eco material - 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. Merino is super soft on skin but also strong and retaining its shape, making it a very durable material. It has a natural protective shield complex that keeps your garment from getting dirty. You can use it all year round, it´s breathable, keeps a layer of air next to the skin and repels moisture.


Illustrations: Anna Lutter

100% merino

100 x 70 cm

Made in Kaunas, Lithuania :)

Care instructions

Try to wash merino wool products as rarely as possible. You can hand wash it or dry clean. Wash with delicate detergent. Dry flat. Reshape during wet.

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