Inkblot ornament merino sweater orange

As it happened, one day we were looking at inkblot tests and thought – what if we just knitted something like that into existence? What if we knitted a pattern so mesmerising that instead of us seeing something in the pattern, the pattern determines how we see the world? So we did and it's here for you to wear. But don't stare at it too long, it just might stare back at you!




Sustainable enough? Read and decide for yourself!

We use merino wool, which is 100% recyclable. Merino wool has many advantages over other textiles: it keeps heat well, conducts moisture and is antistatic.

We use only OEKO-TEX certified suppliers to ensure that the product and all its components (yarns, sewing thread, buttons etc) have been tested and are harmless to human health. And all our products contain only wool from Woolmark certified suppliers.

We have used every last piece of high-quality merino wool yarn to knit this product.

As wool is natural and renewable resource, all of our clothing is completely biodegradable.

Care instructions

Try to wash merino wool products as rarely as possible. You can hand wash it or dry clean. Wash with delicate detergent. Dry flat. Reshape during wet.

Delivery and returns
We ship our products to all EU countries. Average shipping time 1-5 working days. For more details check our Delivery and Returns info in the footer of the page.